Sunday, September 28, 2008

Children's Nature Learning Programs

Nature Deficit Disorder
is on the rise here in America.

If your family is 'plugged in' to TV, video games, I pods, and cell phones and you don't know where to begin to change your addiction to media there are many programs that can inspire your family to get outside and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Childhood obesity is on the rise- kids NEED to get outside not only for exercise but also to nurture the imagination and spirit.

If you need some inspiration;

Little Acorn Learning is offering a free sample week!

From their website: "Little Acorn Learning is a Natural Childcare Program that offers Monthly Nature-Based Guides for Caregivers of Young Children.

Our program is ideal for childcare providers, homeschoolers, co-ops, parents, daycare centers, schools and teachers.

This is an Affordable and Complete Childcare Program which gently guides the caregiver through a healthy rhythm each day.

This is a holistic, whole life program warming and nurturing both the children and the provider. This program is as much for the caregiver as it is for the children. The guides assist caregivers in all areas of their lives with Weekly Caregiver Meditations, Daily Housework Suggestions, Recipes, Grocery Lists, Crafting Lists and Ongoing Encouragement and Support.

Our goal is to reconnect children with nature while supporting the caregiver's soul - helping providers find true meaning and purpose in their work with young children. We inspire a love for nature and the home arts."

I have checked out this program, it looks wonderful and the price is right!

Another resource I am really excited about is Coyotes Guide To Connecting With Nature

This is a book that is about to be released by Wilderness Awareness School founder Jon Young, Ellen Haas & Evan McGown. The foreword is by Richard Louv, author of the bestselling Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder.

Supplies are limited, join the launch to sign up now! You have until October 8th

Green Hour
Discover the wonders of nature is a great resource that offers daily tips for your family.

From the website: "As a society, we are raising the first generation of Americans to grow up disconnected from nature.

That's the bad news.

The good news is that the steps that got us here are easily traced, and the way to work toward reversing them is clear.

Most importantly, by giving our children a "Green Hour" a day -- a bit of time for unstructured play and interaction with the natural world -- we can set them on the path toward physical, mental, and emotional well-being."

I hope you enjoy these wonderful resources!

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